Konka 2020 TV Glossary 

KONKA XC3™ Quad Core+ UHD Engine 

A Powerful Engine for Xtreme Clarity, Contrast and Color 

Konka XC3™ Quad Core+ Ultra HD Engine delivers Xtreme Clarity, Contrast and Color.  XC3 combines CrystalView Multi-Function Clarity Enhancer, DeepBLACK Dynamic Contrast Enhancer, and PurePalette Wide Color Enhancer, to produce incredibly clear, rich, true-to-life images.  


The Advantage is Clear

Multi-Function Clarity Enhancer combines Intelligent UHD Upscaling, Motion-Estimated Digital Noise Reduction, Multi-Band Sharpness Enhancer, and Detail Enhancer, for crystal clear images.


High Contrast and High Detail

Dynamic Contrast Enhancer with 12-bit Gamma creates darker blacks for deeper images, while maintaining grayscale image detail, for a high contrast picture with no compromises. 


More Colors, Better Colors 

Wide Color Enhancer utilizes a wider color palette and multi-adaptive algorithms to create images that are rich and colorful, while still accurate and realistic. 


Be Part of the Action 

Creates an enhanced Motion Rate for improved motion clarity.  To achieve this, LED TVs utilize advanced backlight scanning or blinking.  AccuMotion helps maintain accurate picture clarity, even with high motion video such as action movies or sports. 


A Wave of a Billion Colors 

Wide Color Gamut panel technology provides over one billion colors for higher color purity, producing incredibly brilliant images with deeper and more accurate colors.  ColorWave Pro is a step above, providing 25% more color than a standard display.



Brighter is Better 

Higher Brightness LED Backlighting creates brighter, more dynamic images that better maintain their picture quality in rooms with brighter ambient lighting, or sunlight from uncovered windows. HiBright Pro is noticeably brighter, providing 25%+ more brightness than a standard display. 


Konka ZeroBezel™

Stunning Design with Virtually Edge-to-Edge Screen

Frameless Cosmetic Design with almost no bezel at all.  These new minimalist designs blend easily into any home décor.  ZeroBezel Pro utilizes a metal frameless design for the ultimate in TV styling.


QLED – Quantum Dot Technology

A Quantum Leap in color

Quantum Dot LED TV (QLED) adds cutting edge display technology that make colors both deeper and more accurate.  The result is superior image quality that is amazingly rich and shockingly lifelike.  



Android TV 

Smarter Smart TV


With your favorite Apps and the Google Play Store, Android TV enables simple access to over 500,000 Movies and TV Shows.  Built-in ChromeCast adds interaction with the content on your mobile device, moving the small screen to the big screen.  Built-in Google Assistant takes it all a step further by allowing you to search for your desired video content, ask questions to get useful information, play your favorite music or even control your applicable Smart Home devices, all with just your voice.


Plus, Konka includes the Voice Control Remote to make all of this possible right out of the box.