The Konka Group

You Can Count on Konka!

The Konka Group was founded in 1980 as the first China-foreign joint-venture electronics manufacturer. While Konka has grown into a major consumer electronics and appliance innovator, it also has a diversified and stable business portfolio including industrial real estate development, PaaS (platform as a service) internet and supply chain services, as well as a strong financial investment arm.
The Konka Group

Global Leader

With over thirty years of engineering and manufacturing experience, Konka has established itself as a Top 5 TV brand in China. The company sells products in over 110 countries around the world and has the capacity to manufacture more than 17 million TVs a year. As a leader in the industry, Konka is increasing its strategic investments in several key core technologies such as Micro LED, 8K, AIoT and 5G to ensure its future leadership in the ever-changing global consumer electronics industry.
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Investing in the Future

Konka believes that Micro LED is the future of television and that this exceptional display technology will migrate to high-quality consumer television in the next three to five years. To this end Konka has invested more than $215M to create the joint venture Semiconductor Optoelectronics Research Institute for advanced Micro LED development. Output from this venture will enable Konka to help lead the industry in this key display technology.
Investing in the Future
Quality, Technology and Value

Quality, Technology and Value

Konka is committed to continue offering high-quality products that utilize the latest cutting-edge technologies, while also providing true consumer value. It is Konka’s goal to make technology fun and improve the digital home entertainment experience for everyone. Remember, you can Count on Konka.