Konka Debuts LED TV, QLED TV And OLED TV At CES 2020


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2020 /-- Konka North America, LLC, a subsidiary of the Konka Group (a leading digital home entertainment manufacturer and one of the top ve TV brands in China), today announced its TV line-up for Spring 2020 in North America. Leveraging 35 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, Konka is hitting the market with a trifecta of advanced display technologies which will be on display in the Konka Booth (Central Hall #10053). First to hit the market will be three new series of LED TV and QLED TV, designed with advanced image technologies and clear advantages to provide consumers with an unmatched combination of quality and value. Closely behind these series will be Konka's OLED TV with agship picture quality and unique cosmetic design. Konka is now poised to become one of North America's most popular high-value, high-performance home entertainment brands. 

Konka_U5_Series_4K_Ultra_HD_LED_TV_55_inchKONKA TV

"We are very excited to launch three key display technologies, all offering unique consumer advantages and high value," said Scott Ramirez, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Konka North America, LLC. "In keeping with Konka's mission to provide the best possible combination of quality, technology and value, Konka is providing an incredible line-up of smart TV products that are also a smart choice for both retailers and consumers."

H3 Series – LED TV with Android TV H3 Series is created to provide "More For Your Money".  Even if the screen size is small, Konka makes sure the experience is big. The H3 Series includes DynaBright™ dynamic dimming for enhanced dynamic contrast and AccuMotion™ 120 for crystal clear images even with fast motion video. Konka incorporates Android TV for incredible Smart TV and Smart Home Connectivity and even includes a Free Voice Control Remote!  Plus, the H3 Series includes a full range of connectivity options including 3 HDMI Inputs (HDMI CEC and ARC) and the stylish ZeroBezel™ Design that will complement any home décor. The H3 Series will come in 32" HD (MSRP $199.99) and 40" FHD (MSRP $299.99) screen sizes.

U5 Series – 4K Ultra HD LED TV with Advanced Image Technology and Android TV U5 Series is designed to be "A Noticeably Better TV".  At its core is the advanced XC3™ UHD Engine that includes CrystalView™ Clarity Enhancer, DeepBlack™ Contrast Enhancer and PurePalette™ Color Enhancer for picture quality that is a step above. To further enhance the picture quality, Konka incorporated the HiBright™ Pro Backlight for a 25% brighter picture and ColorWave™ Wide Color Gamut for deeper, more lifelike colors.  The U5 Series also includes DynaBright™,  AccuMotion™ 120, Android TV with the Free Voice Control Remote, and 4 HDMI 2.0 Inputs with HDCP 2.2. 

This strong technology package will make the U5 Series the most compelling buy in its class. The U5 Series comes in 43" (MSRP $399.99), 50" (MSRP $499.99), 55" (MSRP $599.99), 65" (MSRP $999.99) and 75" (MSRP $1,499.99) UHD screen sizes.

Q7 Series – QLED TV with Quantum Dot Technology and Android TV Q7 Series is "Not Just a Step, It's a Quantum Leap" The Q7 Series starts with all the features of the U5 Series, including the advanced XC3™ UHD Engine and Android TV. To take things to the next level, the Q7 Series adds ColorWave™ Pro Wide Color Gamut with Quantum Dot Technology for 25% more color.Konka then packages all of that technology in the enhanced ZeroBezel™ Pro Design, so the TV looks amazing when on or off. The Q7 Series will come in 50" (MSRP $699.99), 55" (MSRP $799.99), 65" (MSRP $1,199.99) and 75" (MSRP $1,999.99) UHD screen sizes.

X11 Series - OLED TV Following these series to market, will be Konka's OLED TV.  Utilizing a HiBright™  Ultra OLED Panel with ColorWave™ Ultra Wide Color Gamut, X11 Series provides pure blacks and bright specular highlights for stunning no compromises picture quality. To make X11 Series stand out even more, Konka utilizes the ZeroBezel™ Ultra Design with Built-in Sound Bar and dbx TV Sound for picture, sound and design that will denitely turn heads. The X11 Series will come in 55" and 65" UHD screen sizes.

Displaying the Future of TV, Today As a technology leader, Konka is investing in the future of television. On display in the Konka Booth are 236" 8K and 118" 4K Micro LED Walls, made possible by Konka's recent Joint Venture in R&D of Micro LED. Also on display will be Konka's advanced 88" 8K OLED, 75" 8K LED TV and 8K Chassis with Built-in 5G, demonstrating Konka's investment and leadership in these key emerging platforms. With virtually every new display technology, Konka is the one to watch!

Konka – A Global CE Powerhouse With 35 years experience as a prime manufacturer, developing, designing, and engineering quality products and over 5,000 TV patents, Konka sells products in over 110 countries worldwide, tailoring its products for each market. Named one of the "Top 10 most valuable brands in China," Konka's extensive product range includes Television, Audio, Smart Home, Appliances and Mobile.  As part of its overall growth plan, Konka has signicantly increased investment in several key technology areas including AIoT (combining AI with Home Control), 5G and Semiconductor (including a new 8K SoC).

About Konka Group Co., Ltd. Konka Group is a leading Chinese electronics manufacturer focused on creating high performance, high value digital home entertainment products. Key product categories include televisions, appliances, AIOT, mobile and wireless communications.  Established in 1980, publicly traded Konka Group Co Ltd (Shenzhen Stock Exchange) is China's rst Sinoforeign joint consumer electronics enterprise. For the past 35 years, Konka has engineered and manufactured quality products, and since 1999 has been ranked among China's top 100 best companies. With total assets of $9.3 billion, Konka has more than 50 subsidiaries, hundreds of sales ofces and more than 3,000 service outlets in more than 100 countries and regions. The "KONKA" brand is now valued at more than $15.1 billion.

SOURCE Konka North America, LLC